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Huri: a snapshot of Polynesian society

DATE(S) : 24 June 2023
SCHEDULES : 09:00 - 17:00



Date / Time
Date(s) - Saturday 24 June 2023
9 h 00 - 17 h 00
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CATÉGORIE(S) : Events at the museum, Exhibitions at the museum

Event details

Huri is a Tahitian word meaning: to turn, to change, to turn upside down, to divert, to translate, to throw something downwards, to move something by placing it lower (on a truck, on a boat)… This term offers a wider space for visual experimentation, revealing imaginary or real situations arising from observations and understanding of contemporary Polynesian society.
Teachers, former students and future graduates of the Centre des Métiers d’Art will be exhibiting in the temporary exhibition room at Te Fare Iamanaha from 24 June to 19 November. These artists offer their views, their reflections, their questions and their points of view on the events that have marked them. Much more than just school work, the “Huri” exhibition offers a new perspective on Polynesian society, giving up-and-coming and established local artists from the CMA the chance to take stock. “We need to innovate, because the creative world is made up of very demanding professions,” says Viri Taimana, Director of the Centre des métiers d’art.
The guiding principle of the exhibition is to “encourage the development of a new way of looking at things”, with each participant drawing on key events that have raised questions and emotions, “without wasting time on trivia and getting to the heart of the matter”. In this way, the works should provide answers or raise questions for the public, or in any case invite them to reflect on Polynesian society. The exhibition is intended to be a “snapshot”. A snapshot of today’s Polynesia, with the things that run through it, question it, shake it up. The artists recount fragments of history and recreate these moments using a variety of media: sculpture, engraving, sewing, printing, etc.
Here, the Centre des métiers d’art is continuing its efforts to open up pathways so that others, in time and space, can understand the cultural links that exist between society, the environment, religion, the economy, politics and the arts. After “Manava” (in 2013) and “Orama” (in 2016), Te Fare Iamanaha is delighted to welcome “HURI”, which will clarify how Polynesia sees and thinks itself in 2023.

Usefull informations

Huri exhibition, from 24 June to 19 November, group exhibition of contemporary art with students in training, former graduates, teachers and guest artists.
Adult admission at 800 xpf, 1500 francs for admission to the two exhibition halls.
Free admission for under-18s and students.
Open Tuesday to Sunday, 9am to 5pm.


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